Ultimately, we should all aim to reduce the amount of waste we create to as little as possible. Some waste is unavoidable, but you can still make a positive difference to the environment by following the advice in this section.

Here's how to use the downloads in this section:

  • Top Tips ... these are aimed at senior management
  • Posters ... print and display them for the relevant department to see
  • Use the navigation on the right hand side to watch video's showing how to implement the waste reduction measures
  • Waste guidelines ... for the person in charge of implementing new waste reduction measures, to compliment the videos
Case Study Case Study

Property: Atlantica Caldera Palace - Sensatori Resort, Crete

Travelife Award: Gold

Key measures implemented include:

  1. All rubbish is separated and placed in separate bins, ready for recycling. The local authority make recycling collections.
  2. The hotel has installed its own glass compress
  3. The hotel is careful to purchase recyclable items (e.g laundry bags) to reduce the overall amount of waste created. The purchasing team have a big impact on reducing the overall amount of waste created.

Recycling services differ in every country, call you local authority to find out what is available in your area.