Buying Local

Buying local is the purchase of locally made products and services from your local area. It includes encouraging and offering opportunities for your guests to buy local as well.

Sourcing products and services locally not only benefits the people living in destination, it can benefit your business too.  A growing number of guests are expecting more  and local sourcing can help you create a distinct accommodation. 

Although it can seem like a huge challenge for ‘mainstream’ business, there are many small changes you can make at no extra cost.  This easy to follow guide will help you get started.  It includes the following sections:

  • Getting Started – a general guide
  • Buying local food – building links with farmers
  • Encouraging guests to explore
  • Encouraging guests to buy local
  • Building a unique destination
  • Managing change within your business

Sourcing locally can improve your reputation locally and further afield... it can help you obtain Travelife certification, enhance your public image and help secure contracts and bookings in this age of ‘greener’ tourism.  

Taking action today will help you compete more successfully in to the future.

To download full information on why buying local is best, click on read notes. Available in English only. Select your preferred language to watch a short video on buying local.